Two companies are operating under the brand of RTCL, Rotterdam Tankcontainer Leasing BV (RTCL BV) and RTCL Eurasia BV (RTCL EA).

RTCL BV is specialized in tankcontainer leasing. Our fleet is about to reach 1,500 units, consisting of 20ft both standard and swapbody tankcontainers with varying capacities. We are quite flexible offering tanks for both short and long term and willing to well invest in customer specific manufactured and or modified units.

RTCL Eurasia BV is specialized in operating our owned tankcontainers with door to door services. We are mainly focusing on Europe, all Mediterranean countries, the Black Sea area, the Middle East and Russia and the CIS countries as well. Meanwhile, alongside our main area of influence, we have recently been able to expand into western and southern Africa (Ivory Coast and Durban, South Africa) depending on our customers’ requests. At this moment we also have agents in India and Egypt.

Both of our companies are located in Rotterdam, Europe’s largest sea port area. The opening of our new office in Istanbul, Turkey has been scheduled for early 2018. The future operating from our strategic locations will lead to a better connectivity of our services and influence in this region.

Though our operating companies are rather young, nevertheless we do have established long lasting extensive relationships in the leasing business over the last decades all around the world. Our experienced managing partners and staff do have an excellent track record and have all necessary skills and competences to safely and correctly handle your tankcontainers and liquid chemicals in bulk.


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Leeuwenhoekweg 18c
2661 CZ Bergschenhoek
The Netherlands
T +31 10 846 45 77
E info@rtcl.nl

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RTCL Eurasia BV
Leeuwenhoekweg 18c
2661 CZ Bergschenhoek
The Netherlands
T +31 10 818 44 75
E info@rtcl-eurasia.com


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Want to work with us? Send an email with CV and recent passport photo to: vacatures@rtcl.nl

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